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Did MSM (HuffPost) Just Admit to Planet X/Nibiru?

Well ain’t this just the darnedest thing,

A Huffington Post article with the headline; Alien Star Buzzed Our Solar System 70,000 Years Ago, Research Shows.

If the headline doesn’t pique your curiosity maybe this will:

” It’s being called a very close shave, at least in astronomical terms: new research indicates that 70,000 years ago a dim star passed within a mere 8 trillion kilometers (5 trillion miles) of our solar system. That’s about one-fifth the distance from the solar system to Proxima Centauri, the star that is currently our system’s closest stellar neighbor, and the closest that any star has ever come to our system.”

That dim star happens to be a red dwarf measuring a mere 8 percent of the mass of our Sun. And if that’s not strange enough (for a HuffPost article) That red dwarf happens to have a brown dwarf companion! Can you say Nibiru?

The red dwarf was discovered in 2013 by German Astronomer Ralf-Dieter Scholz and following its discovery astronomers set out to find out if this star was coming or going.

To figure out whether the star was coming or going, a team of astronomers made detailed measurements using telescopes in South Africa and Chile, according to the statement. Sure enough, the data suggested that the star was moving away from our solar system. The scientists traced the trajectory back in time, and their models pinpointed the distance and date of the close shave.

And that’s not all, there’s even an Astrophysical Journal pertaining to this “close shave.”

Furthermore the scientists are most certain that this strange star may very well have passed through the Oort Cloud in the distant past.

For a good lesson on the Planet-X System I highly recommend watching Planet X Observations and Orbital Analysis. Then go and re-read that Huffpost article and maybe the hairs will stand on back of your neck like mine did.