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Yet Another Triangle Filmed Over Pennsylvania

From MUFON Report No. 62835

Looks like the triangles are back again, in Pennsylvania!

A week or two ago WSFM reported on a black triangle filmed back in July of 2013.

I am pleased to say that MUFON has released some very recent and very similar footage, how recent? Yesterday that’s how recent.


On the evening of January 23 (yesterday), over Bensalem, Pennsylvania,  a triangular formation of lights was filmed by and witnessed by the submitter and a co-worker.

The witness statement: “A co worker and I were coming down the driveway at our place of employment, as we started to turn left I saw 3 lights in the sky that at first were semi obscured by trees. I asked my friend what they were and he thought it was a buoy as we are on the Delaware River. I said that they were way too high for that and he agreed.”

It is highly interesting to note that Bensalem, PA is less than hour away from Royorsford, PA where the black triangle sighting of 2013 was filmed.


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