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Illinois Experiancing UFO Flap 2015


The Prairie State seems to be experiencing its very own UFO flap for 2015.

Consistent sightings of orbs or white dots have been reported between the months of February and March, and we’re only four days into March.

The first sighting of this recent flap was reported on the third of February in Eidenburg, Illinois. Less than an hour Southwest of Springfield.


The witness states; (From MUFON Case no. 63654) “About the same time almost every night when my husband gets home from work I’m out front waiting for him. I look for the Space Station at times. I started noticing these very bright lights in the sky.

The sighting trend goes far north to Round Lake, Illinois where a stationary white orb was photographed and was said to have hung in the sky for around 20 minutes!


Case no. 63583

Approximately 2 days later a hiker in Palatine, Illinois witnessed what they described as four dots within a circle. You be the judge Case no. 63658

Finally, on the first of March in Oak Brook, Illinois. A witness was taking out the trash when they noticed a bright blue light streak across the sky and disappear before reaching the horizon. Case no. 63721

Will this trend continue to where we can state that Illinois is experiencing a major flap? The trend seems to be bright lights where they aren’t supposed to be, so let us see.

Eye’s to the sky, Illinois.

Did MSM (HuffPost) Just Admit to Planet X/Nibiru?

Well ain’t this just the darnedest thing,

A Huffington Post article with the headline; Alien Star Buzzed Our Solar System 70,000 Years Ago, Research Shows.

If the headline doesn’t pique your curiosity maybe this will:

” It’s being called a very close shave, at least in astronomical terms: new research indicates that 70,000 years ago a dim star passed within a mere 8 trillion kilometers (5 trillion miles) of our solar system. That’s about one-fifth the distance from the solar system to Proxima Centauri, the star that is currently our system’s closest stellar neighbor, and the closest that any star has ever come to our system.”

That dim star happens to be a red dwarf measuring a mere 8 percent of the mass of our Sun. And if that’s not strange enough (for a HuffPost article) That red dwarf happens to have a brown dwarf companion! Can you say Nibiru?

The red dwarf was discovered in 2013 by German Astronomer Ralf-Dieter Scholz and following its discovery astronomers set out to find out if this star was coming or going.

To figure out whether the star was coming or going, a team of astronomers made detailed measurements using telescopes in South Africa and Chile, according to the statement. Sure enough, the data suggested that the star was moving away from our solar system. The scientists traced the trajectory back in time, and their models pinpointed the distance and date of the close shave.

And that’s not all, there’s even an Astrophysical Journal pertaining to this “close shave.”

Furthermore the scientists are most certain that this strange star may very well have passed through the Oort Cloud in the distant past.

For a good lesson on the Planet-X System I highly recommend watching Planet X Observations and Orbital Analysis. Then go and re-read that Huffpost article and maybe the hairs will stand on back of your neck like mine did.

Yet Another Triangle Filmed Over Pennsylvania

From MUFON Report No. 62835

Looks like the triangles are back again, in Pennsylvania!

A week or two ago WSFM reported on a black triangle filmed back in July of 2013.

I am pleased to say that MUFON has released some very recent and very similar footage, how recent? Yesterday that’s how recent.


On the evening of January 23 (yesterday), over Bensalem, Pennsylvania,  a triangular formation of lights was filmed by and witnessed by the submitter and a co-worker.

The witness statement: “A co worker and I were coming down the driveway at our place of employment, as we started to turn left I saw 3 lights in the sky that at first were semi obscured by trees. I asked my friend what they were and he thought it was a buoy as we are on the Delaware River. I said that they were way too high for that and he agreed.”

It is highly interesting to note that Bensalem, PA is less than hour away from Royorsford, PA where the black triangle sighting of 2013 was filmed.


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What’s Up? Cloundships!

Ever since I heard Sean Gautreaux as a guest on John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight I have been captivated by the possibility of cloaked or even camouflaged craft that may be silently hovering above us at any given time.

Sean Gautreaux operates a YouTube channel called Industrial Surrealism, where he goes over and analyzes his own photography for anomalous, geometric, often triangular anomalies. Sean postulates that these craft not only maybe using clouds and chem-trails as cover  but may also be seeding/drawing power from them.

Below is a sampling of Sean’s photo-analysis from his appearance on Caravan to Midnight.

invisibletrianglesctm (click to enlarge)

Now, since seeing Mr. Gautreaux’s work I have taken a keen interest in spotting these anomalous cloud ships in other peoples videos. Below are a couple examples, note the similarities in shape to Sean’s photos.

cloudshipsyoutube cloudshipsyoutube2

Before readers start calling for Sean and myself to be hauled off to the funny farm watch the original videos. Also, I have never know clouds to make directional changes, let alone hold a 90 degree leading edge.

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Black Triangle filmed over Royorsford, Penn!

From MUFON case no. 62573

Some of the best footage to date of the infamous and illusive black triangle has been submitted to MUFON on today, the 12th of January. The sighting took place in Royorsford, Pennsylvania back in July of 2013 when the witness states that they were driving home from the local 7/11 on a warm summer night. The witness reports seeing the triangular object hovering over houses that were around 3,500 sq. feet in size, to give a size reference to the object. The viewer was not alone however, and had two other witnesses with him or her in the vehicle.

I would be willing to go out on the limb to say that the craft that this witness observed was a man made, black budget funded TR-3B or variant thereof. And with the amount of R&D taking place along the Eastern Seaboard it just seems all the more likely that we have a homegrown UFO on our hands.

The witness even goes as far to have filed a police report regarding the object.

Mike Gravel to Head Up Pot Company

Former Alaskan Senator, Mike Gravel (D) whom many may remember from the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, which included himself and four other former representatives in a mock hearing on the UFO and extraterrestrial presence. Mike has moved on from his brief stint in UFO culture to pot culture!

Mike Gravel will now become CEO of KUSH, a subsidiary of Cannabis Sativa headed up by former New Mexico Gov. Garry Johnson. “KUSH will develop and market new marijuana-infused products under Gravel’s leadership, the company said in a press release.” (HuffPost)

So, what does this mean for pot? And will Mike Gravel’s new venture do a disservice to all that was accomplished at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure back in 2013? Let’s hope not, and let’s hope the former Senator has forgotten his UFO friends.

UFO’s of Christmas Past

Merry Christmas!

I said it. Now let’s take a look back at Christmas 2013 and see what was in our skies pretending to be Santa.


Our first sighting is from Fort Wayne, Indiana. The sighting report includes a video which I encourage you to check out. ” I looked out my passenger side window and saw two orange round lights just above the city lights.” The video included with the sighting report was filmed with a Cannon Powershot XS 150 and not just a regular cellphone camera. The video clearly shows two red/orange spheres in the sky on Christmas eve. Clearly not Santa.


Our next sighting of Christmas past is from Norwalk, Connecticut. The witness was letting his dog in from the out side when; “…I got up and went to the door bent over to un hook her from the cable tie out when I stood up to throw the cable over the hand rail I noticed a light in the sky heading towards me I said to myself UFO and then realized there was no red or green flashing light as a plane would have…”

Keep your eyes on the skies folks and Merry Christmas!

“Domino’s” Spotted in the Sky Over L.A.

On December 16th a witness snapped a photo of what could only be described as a “flying domino”. The witness statement from MUFON case no. 62034 states that  the object moved in a North Westward direction before disappearing into the clouds.

So, what do we have here? Aliens, one of ours, or HAARP, perhaps? For years witnesses have reported seeing strange rectangular flying craft, yet not too much in the form of photographic evidence as of yet. Interesting to note that the Vandenberg Airforce Base is direction of travel of the UFO.

Globetrotting UFO’s Spotted Over California, Turkey

Coincidence? I think not!

Within a month the same triangular formation of blueish/green lights were witnessed and reported to MUFON. The first sighting occurring in Ankara Province, Turkey on the 14th of November of this year and the second occurring on the first of December in Grapevine, CA.

Black Triangles Return to Hudson Valley

As some may remember, or are familiar with the late 1981 Hudson Valley UFO flap in which numerous witnesses in the South-Eastern New York are observed a massive triangular and multicolored craft. (For those not familiar with the incident an excellent summary can be read here.)

According to report number: 61922 They’re back!

On Tuesday, Dec. 9th a witness reported having a strange feeling only to look up and see a massive hovering craft. The witness remembered having the crap scared out of them when he/she was younger. Coincidentally around 20 years ago around the time of other mass sightings of black triangles.

You have noticed a trend here of obsessively reporting on cases of black triangles. That is because WSFM, along with many others for that matter, are of the belief that these mysterious craft are not in fact extraterrestrial, but completely a homegrown creation of some engineers in the black world who have a lot of time, and even more money on their hands. Only time will tell, and until you can touch one at an airshow WSFM will continue to bring them to your desktop.