Black Triangle Sighting: Valley Center, Kansas

An ominous yet ever familiar black triangle was captured on Friday October 3rd in Valley Center, Kansas. According to MUFON Case number 60432 was submitted today, Tuesday October 2nd. The sighting details also mention that an Orb can be seen in the middle/right hand section of the photo.

Note the lack of contrails behind the triangular object.

Source: MUFON


1 thought on “Black Triangle Sighting: Valley Center, Kansas

  1. Ingidisa/Jiuhl

    I was really excited when I saw the report of this on MUFON because I live only a couple of miles from Valley Center, KS. Sadly, I was disappointed when I saw the photo and compared it to similar photos of airplanes backlit by the sun in the same manner. This object seems far too bright on the side facing the photographer. If an expert can explain otherwise, that would be great. In the meanwhile, guess I will still have to trek over to Joplin, MO for some skywatching soon. Their sightings presently seem more credible.



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