Lockheed Video Highly Reminiscent of “The Day After Roswell”

While browsing Youtube I came across this interesting video put out by Lockheed Martin. In the short three minute video, Charles Chase, a futurist with Lockheed, mentions integrating energy storage, sensors, ect. within the skin of an aircraft.

However, this concept is highly reminiscent of Col. Philip J. Corsos’ 1997 book, The Day After Roswell.

“…engineers marveled at the thin amalgam of the most refined copper and purest silver they had ever seen that covered the ship’s underside. The metal was remarkable for its conductivity, as if the entire craft was an electrical circuit offering no resistance to the flow of current.“[p107] Corso, P.J. (1997) The Day After Roswell

Watch below and ask yourself what Lockheed might have been inspired by.

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